預約租用會議室 Private Room Reservation


多用途房的價錢按房間和逗留時間計算,可供最多 6 人使用。經網上付款,可以以優惠價每小時 $50 租用會議室。選擇現金付款則介時會收取正價每小時 $60
The price of the private room depends on how long you stay, advance reservation is required. The maximum capacity of the room is 6 people. The room is equipped with projectors and speakers. It is suitable for meetings interviews, workshops, tutoring, video calls, etc.

請以此表格預約 Please fill out the form to reserve the private room:
1. 選擇你所需要的時間 Choose your time duration
2. 選擇日期 Select the date
3. 選擇開始時間,時段沒有反白表示該時段已被預約 Select the starting time
4. 選擇是次使用房間的人數 Select the number of people
5. 確認價錢,按下〝加入購物車〞Confirm your choice
6. 成功加入購物車後,可按下〝立即付款 Checkout Now〞登記及結賬 Add to cart and then click the ‘Checkout Now’ button

請注意:星期日及公眾假期暫不開放預約。有關即日預約請 WhatsApp 或致電 6200 9829 查詢預約情況。
Remark: We are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. Please WhatsApp or call 6200 9829 for same-day reservation.